Abri-Bag Incontinence Disposal Zip-Bag


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The Abri-Bag is an incontinence disposal bag, designed specifically to dispose of incontinence products discreetly and cleanly.

Disposal of incontinence products can be tricky as they can create a risk of unpleasant odours or leakage. The Abri-Bag incontinence disposal bags are designed specially to allow you to discreetly lock away your incontinence products in an air tight, opaque bag.

The Abri-Bag has many features that has allowed them to become the choice of incontinence disposal bags for many, some of these include:

• Air tight zipper bag
• Locks away fluid and unpleasant odours
• Strong material
• Discreet
• No risk of accidentally tearing

Disposing of incontinence pads and other products can be a source of worry for some, but the discretion of the Abri-bag allows for a confident disposal of all incontinence products. A zip lock allows the bag to remain air tight, meaning that no liquid or gas can escape; keeping in all unwanted odours and eliminating the risk of leakages.

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