Abri Fix Washable Continence Support Pant Super (Pack of 3)


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These unisex Abri-Fix Pant Super continence support pants are designed especially to be worn with Abri-San pads and are a great continence support pant for both men and women.

Available in a range of sizes, Abrix-Fix Super support pants are the perfect way to help with continence support and protect against bladder weakness and incontinence.

The flexibility and support of the Abri-Fix Pant Super allows you to correctly and securely position a pad to provide you with great leakage protection.

Key features of these Abri-Fix Pant Super support pants make them an ideal continence support and incontinence solution for everyone, including:

• Available in a range of sizes
• Washable up to 60 degrees
• May be tumble dried gently
• Flexible
• Better elasticity than regular underwear
• Extra wide crotch area to allow a snug fit for pads

These Abri-Fix Pant Super support pants should be washed in a bag, separated from your usual washing in order to increase the life of the product. Harsh products such as bleach should also be avoided. The average life of a pair of Abri-Fix Pant Super support pants is 80 washes as long as the advice above is adhered to.

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