Abri-Flex Pull Ups Size 7 - Waist/Hip size 39-55" - High Absorbency 2200ml - Pack of 14


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Designed for high absorbency to help with moderate to heavy bladder weakness and incontinence, these Abri-Flex Pull Ups incontinence pants are packed with useful features including:

- Breathability

- High side barriers

- Odour control

They’re completely reliable yet completely discreet, resulting in the best of both worlds – total protection from a product that feels just like your normal everyday underwear.

Abri-Flex Premium Size 7 are designed to fit hip sizes ranging from 100-140cm. They offer 2200ml of absorbency, and are available in packs of 14.

Abena's soft and fully breathable textile-like backsheet makes the product more discreet, promotes superior comfort and skin integrity.  
A special odour system reduces the risk of unpleasant smells, enabling you to feel confident when wearing the product.  
A unique Top Dry system provides rapid absorption and a dry surface. This is good for the skin and minimises the risk of leakage.  
Efficient barriers and latex-free elastics ensure a snug body fit, minimising the risk of leakage.
Our products have been dermatologically tested at independent German institutes ProDERM and ATC GmBH, which certify that the products comply with regulations.
The Nordic Swan eco-label guarantees that we have given special consideration to the environment from raw material processing to production and use.
The FSC label shows that our materials are sourced from sustainable woodland that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
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