Abri-Man Zero Premium Continence Shield - 200ml - Pack of 24


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The Abri-Man Zero Premium Continence Shield offers a discreet continence guard pad for men. This lightweight, convenient solution for all types of bladder weakness in men is perfect for very light slips and accidents, a great way for men with a very minor drip problem to protect against any leakage. With a design especially for the male anatomy, this Abri-Man Zero Premium offers a close fitting, discreet solution.

The Abri-Man Zero Premium continence support shield pad for men has a range of features, including:

• 200ml absorbency

• Breathable

• Offers comfort and security

• Discreet

• Odour and top-dry protected

We understand how important it is to carry on your life as normal. This continence shield pad allows you to regain your confidence and forget about any minor incontinence embarrassment. The built-in odour protection works by locking in all leakage in the core of the pad, also keeping the top layer dry for your comfort and convenience.

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