• Incontinence products for pregnancy and new mums

    We know how difficult it can be juggling the effects of pregnancy, childbirth and catering to the every need of your newborn. We have designed our bladder weakness products especially for you, to make everything that little bit easier and more manageable. Find the right product for you now.
  • Incontinence products for Active Lifestyles

    At Cairn Lifestyle we want to help you maintain your active and enjoyable lifestyle. We don’t want bladder weakness to hold you back! Our products are designed especially with you in mind. Your confidence if our primary goal. Trust in our products and continue enjoying your active lifestyle.
  • Eco Friendly Babies’ Nappies

    Keeping your baby happy and dry is important to all parents. Our products will keep your baby dry and comfortable while putting your mind at ease by ensuring that they are all hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Keep your baby happy and your environmental conscience clean with our nappies.


Advice for New Mums

At Cairn Lifestyle we are committed to offering the best advice, tailored to you. We want to help make your life that little bit easier and offer all the support you need along the way.


Bladder Weakness Advice

Find all the advice you need for men and women at Cairn Lifestyle. Find out what may be causing or exacerbating your bladder weakness and how you can adapt your lifestyle to help.


Environmentally Friendly

Our products are especially designed to be environmentally friendly. From our incontinence products to our babies’ nappies find out all about our environmental credentials here.