Bladder Problems in Women

Causes of bladder problems in women

Causes of bladder problems in women

Bladder problems in women can happen at any time.

True, bladder weakness and urinary incontinence tends to be associated with our later years, but in reality women of any age can suffer from these problems.

In fact, up to 40% of young women have experienced some type of bladder weakness just while exercising, so it is important to realise that you are far from alone.

That said, many women feel unable to talk about this problem, with some too embarrassed or scared to even broach the subject with their GP.

But the good news is that many bladder problems in women can be managed, minimised and in many cases completely cured.

So make a point of arming yourself with the right information and talk with your doctor. As you’ll see from the advice below there is no need to suffer in silence.

By understanding and addressing the cause of urinary leakage, you can take charge of the situation and resume an active lifestyle with confidence.

So what are the main causes of bladder problems in women

There are lots of different types and causes of bladder problems in women. Learning about these and understanding what could be at the root of your problem can help you to address it, improve it and learn to embrace life.

Pregnancy, childbirth and menopause are all a very common causes of incontinence among women, but this does mean that these are the only causes.

For example, other causes of bladder problems in women can include lifestyle, medication and medical conditions.

You can click here to find out more about the above causes of bladder problems in women.

However, none of this information is a substitute for professional advice, so if you do have a problem that is not going away, it is very important to talk to a GP and be certain about the cause.

Tackling urinary incontinence in women

Depending on the cause of your bladder weakness, you’ll be able to adopt the best approach to tackle the issue.

In some cases, simply making small changes in your everyday life can have a huge impact. Changes such as exercising more, eating healthily and staying positive can help to eliminate some of the problems that may be causing your bladder weakness in the first place.

In other cases, you may need medical assistance to resolve or improve your bladder problems.

And of course whatever the solution, you can make use of discrete incontinence pads or pants to allow you to get on with your life without fear of embarrassment.

Making sure you are comfortable in your own skin and have the confidence to maintain your active lifestyle is our mission at Cairn Lifestyle.

We are here to help and offer advice on bladder problems in women and you’ll find plenty other of helpful articles in our blog.

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