Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies

How to Make Disposable Nappies Greener

It’s no secret that disposable nappies are, on the whole, bad for the environment. To counter this, some parents experiment with reusable and washable nappies. Though these are generally more efficient, they not very practical for overnight use, so few parents are able to do without disposable nappies completely. However, there are numerous things parents can do to reduce their carbon footprint without abandoning disposable nappies.

Whilst eco-friendly disposable nappies do exist, it is important to remember that it is all but impossible for disposable nappies to be 100% biodegradable. This is largely because, in order for an object to effectively biodegrade, it must be exposed to oxygen. Landfill sites are generally so compacted that they do not let much air in, which means that biodegradation either takes place far too slowly to be effective, or else it doesn’t take place at all.

It is possible to compost disposable nappies, but as they’re used and disposed of in such a large volume, most domestic composters will not be up to the task. As a result, for disposable nappies to be considered green, it is a lot more important to consider where they’ve come from and how they’re manufactured, as opposed to where they’re sent after having been used.

Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies – A Green Alternative to Standard Nappies

Up to 85% of the environmental impact of disposable nappies is related to the raw materials required for the manufacturing process. When buying nappies, look out for the Nordic Swan Eco Label. This independent accreditation assesses a product’s environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle, from manufacturing to disposal.

Products stamped with the Nordic Swan Eco Label have been tested for five factors: energy and resource consumption; factory emissions into land, air, and water; limits on the creation of waste products; the content of environmentally hazardous substances in the product; and anything else that may be hazardous to humans.

The Best Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies


Though there are many brands of eco-friendly disposable nappies to choose from, the Bambo range is the only brand of nappies to have attained the Nordic Swan Eco Label accreditation. As such, they are a perfect environmentally friendly alternative to your standard disposable nappies.

Bambo Nappies and pull-ups use no brighteners, bleachers, or perfumes, which means that not only are they significantly more eco-friendly, they also work to keep your baby’s skin protected from any unnecessary irritation.

Bambo Nappies are made from sustainable materials, and in place of a chemical absorbent core, they feature a starch core, whilst avoiding such potentially harmful substances as chlorine. This makes them approximately 80% biodegradable, and though landfills might not provide the ideal conditions for biodegradation, the sustainable materials and the overall lack of chemicals involved in their manufacture means that they still remain the ideal choice for parents looking for a green alternative to disposable nappies.

At Cairn Lifestyle, we stock a complete range of Nordic Swan Eco Label accredited Bambo eco-friendly disposable nappies. Our range includes the standard green nappies, green pull-ups, and eco nappies for premature babies.

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