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The 21 Best Green Parenting Blogs – The Ultimate List!

Last month, we listed our four top tips for green parenting.

As good as those tips are, this is one topic that cannot be covered in a single 500 word blog post. Green parenting is a lifelong commitment that requires making huge decisions about almost every part of your life, and the lives of your children.

And there is much more to green parenting than simply using eco-friendly nappies and pull-ups – as important as this is!

Beyond making better consumer choices, green parenting involves raising your child to be a thoughtful, conscientious individual who thinks about their place in the world. It involves instilling in your children a love of nature, and a respect for the planet.

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there that have been written by parents who are trying to make family life as green and natural as possible. Whilst sharing their stories, they offer plenty of invaluable advice for any new parents who are interested in pursuing a greener way of life.

These are simply the blogs we like the best, but there’s a whole world out there. If you know of any good green parenting blogs that didn’t make our list, why not let us know in the comments below?

1. The Green Parent Magazine

The Green Parent is a popular print magazine, but they upload many of their best articles on their website. With a vast archive dating back to 2009, they’ve explored almost every aspect of green parenting in considerable depth. So if you’ve only got time for one website, or if you’re looking for the best place to start, head here.

2. The Green Parent

Not to be confused with the above, this is an independent site dedicated to providing a “kid friendly guide to Earth-friendly living!” The author, Jenn Savedge, is also worth following on Twitter, where she shares some of her own personal favourite parenting advice articles.

3. 5 Minutes For Mom

This site is part of a wider blogging network that specialises in offering advice and information in short, bite-size chunks. For this blog, everything can be achieved in five simple steps, which makes it much easier to incorporate their advice into your current lifestyle.

4. Mom Goes Green

Although this blog hasn’t been updated since 2012, they’ve an extensive archive of almost 500 posts, each of which have been neatly categorised for ease of reference. As such, this blog stands as a veritable wikipedia of information for green parents.

5. TreeHugger

TreeHugger cover many issues on their site, but all green parents should have their “Living” section bookmarked, as it’s an invaluable source of inspiration for doing things the natural way.

6. Mother Nature Network

The “Family” section of the Mother Nature Network site is another one for your bookmark folder, as it’s updated almost every single day with the sort of articles that will help you to “Improve Your World”.

7. Free Range Kids

The Free Range Kids movement is all about raising “safe, self-reliant children (without going nuts with worry)”. This sort of parenting won’t be for everyone, but the blog remains a fascinating, inspirational read.

8. Moral Fibres

This blog argues that you can live a greener life without compromising on your style. It’s full of fantastic articles about clothing and consumer choice, and its central message is that green parenting is affordable parenting!

9. Nestled Under Rainbows

Simply put, this blog is a delight. With her home-made Waldorf dolls and fancy dress costumes, Laura is providing her three children with an environment in which their imaginations can thrive.

10. Ava and the Snowman

For this blogger, green parenting is “gentle, mindful, unconditional, consensual, attachment parenting”. Ava and the Snowman is worth reading for the author’s thoughts on unschooling alone.

11. Girls Gone Child

We love this blog not just for its sound advice, its honest stories, and its beautiful pictures, but also because the author occasionally shares her mix tapes. Yes, green parenting has a soundtrack, and this soundtrack is every bit as uplifting as you can imagine.

12. Soule Mama

Amanda Blake Soule champions the home-made and the hand-crafted. Her photography is gorgeous, and childhood in her colourful homestead looks like the most fun ever.

13. A Smile A Day

In many ways, green parenting is about encouraging your children to find joy in life’s simple pleasures. Here, “one happy mama” blogs about the one thing that makes her smile each day – whether it’s jam making or an afternoon spent playing with Lego.

14. Holistic Mum

From handmade musical instruments to advice on intuitive parenting, this blog is as varied as it’s engaging, and as informative as it’s endearing.

15. Lulastic

This one’s particularly interesting, as the author is currently in the process of raising her second child. Having raised her first born using more “traditional” means, she’s committed to experimenting with green parenting for her second. She’s thus able to make direct comparisons, which makes this blog a fascinating read.

16. The Barefoot Crofter

As the author’s based on the Western Isles of Scotland, breathtaking photography is a given with this blog. But beyond that, it’s a charming and moving account of a life spent championing the sustainable and the independent.

17. Verde Mama

In the author’s own words, “this blog is generally a chronicle of our country-living, respectful-parenting, joy-seeking, radical-unschooling life”. Her daily accounts make the unschooling lifestyle sound absolutely idyllic.

18. Mothering

Though concerned with the experiences of all mothers, this fantastic website also features blogs about eco-friendly alternatives to disposable nappies, a subject that’s obviously close to our hearts!

19. Green Mums Blog

As well as advice and information on the wider aspects of green parenting, this blog also regularly posts recipes, and reviews of family-friendly holiday destinations.

20. Practical Green Parent

This site challenges the notion that green parenting is a more difficult approach to raising your children. From renewable energy to reusable shopping bags – to expert advice on the environmental impact of disposable nappies – this blog sets out to dispel myths whilst offering sound, practical advice.

21. Eco-Mothering

Last but not least, the Eco-Mothering blog was recently voted a top green living blog by eCollegeFinder. Their Natural Parenting A-Z list is an essential read for all new parents.

As we said above, these blogs are simply the blogs that we like the best, but there are many others out there. If you know of any good green parenting blogs that didn’t make our list, why not let us know in the comments below?

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