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Our Airlaid cleansing washing wipes are the perfect solution for multipurpose cleaning. With a high level of absorption these wipes are very soft and gentle on the skin and become even softer when used with water.

Our washing wipes are able to be used with or without water while maintaining their cleansing and hygiene elements as well as staying soft and moisturising on your body. They are the perfect, handy wipe for cleaning while out with no access to water and cleaning at home while water access is not a problem.

Here are some of the great features of our washing wipes:

• Can be used with or without water
• Soft and moisturising
• Multipurpose – Suitable for body and household cleaning tasks
• High absorption

Not only are our washing wipes soft and soothing on your body, they are also suited to use for some household cleaning. The multipurpose use of these washing wipes are what makes them the perfect set of wipes to keep handy at all times.

Whilst ideal for those with limited mobility and incontinence issues, these washing wipes are also perfect for camping and spending long times outdoors or away from home.

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