Eco-Friendly Personal Care Products

Here at Cairn Lifestyle, we take extra care to ensure that all of our lifestyle and care products are among the most environmentally friendly product offerings available to you, our customers. Cairn Lifestyle know how important it is to you to find eco-friendly products that you trust and that can also fully deliver on the environmental care aspect too.

Passionate about providing the very best products

Cairn Lifestyle are passionate about providing the very best products with the very best in care for all of our customers as well as the environment. Our suppliers are committed to actively working to:

  • Ensure that packaging can be recycled and product is biodegradable or disposable in an environmentally friendly manner so that waste is reduced
  • Plan efficient product distribution, transport and logistics routes to ensure the absolute minimum of CO2 emissions from their vehicle fleets

Environmental labels

A large number of Cairn Lifestyle's product offerings hold at least one the following environmental labels and standards:

  • EU-Flower
  • Conform to the UN Global Impact
  • The Blue Angel
  • Nordic Eco-Label
  • Danish Asthma and Allergy Association approval

as part of our on-going commitment to caring for the environment.

Eco-friendly personal care products

We are also committed to providing eco-friendly personal care products that contain no harsh chemicals and are designed especially to be soft and nourishing for your skin. We know that disposable care products can cause concern over damage to the environment, which is why Cairn Lifestyle always offer re-usable and washable adult products. Our disposable nappies are also 70-80% biodegradable. Around 80% of the contents of all of our incontinence products are made of paper-based materials. Using natural raw materials, like we do, helps to ensure that our products remain environmentally friendly and can be recycled at personal product recycling plants in the UK.

Our green personal care products range from our re-usable and washable adult incontinence products to our 80% biodegradable nappies for babies. We also ensure that our skin care products use no harmful chemicals, to benefit both your body and the impact on the environment. This means using natural processes such as sunlight-bleaching on some of our products including our range of environmentally friendly babies’ nappies, as well as avoiding chemicals common in personal care products that can irritate sensitive skin and damage the environment.