Hand Soap Sensitive Skin Scented 500ml


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This sensitive skin soap is a great alternative to other hand soaps. It has been developed especially with those with sensitive skin in mind.
Regular use of many hand soaps can leave your skin dry and flaky, but our sensitive skip soap is perfectly formulated to avoid harming your skin and leaving your skin supple.
Choosing the right hand soap, especially with sensitive skin in mind can be difficult, but here are a number of reasons why our soap is loved by so many:
• Only mild ingredients
• Locks moisture into your skin
• Designed for frequent use
• Gently scented
• Available in a 500ml bottle
We know how important it is to be able to use your hand soap as much and as often as you wish. This can be a problem for a lot of people, not only those with sensitive or dry skin. Using this sensitive skin soap frequently will not dry out your hands like other hand soaps or washes but instead will continue to moisturise your skin and leave your hands feeling soft and supple.
Making sure you use intensive moisturising soap helps to maintain soft hands through frequent washing and keeping hygienic.

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