Incontinence products for men

We’re really pleased you’ve come to check out our incontinence products for men. They are perfect for keeping you secure through times of bladder weakness, whether you experience occasional slips or heavier urine leakage. Just scroll down to find the right product for your needs and we will post it to you in our discreet packaging.

So what sort of products can you find here?

Our incontinence products include pads, pull-ups, briefs, boxers and shields, so you’ll be able to choose a product that is specifically suited to your own needs.

You’ll find them discreet, comfortable and secure, allowing you to get on with your life with confidence and forget about your bladder weakness worries.

We’ve got bladder weakness covered

Whether your bladder weakness is light or heavy, temporary or on-going, our products come in a range of absorbencies to cater for your needs.

We understand the importance of offering a range of incontinence products as everyone is different and not every day is the same! So whether you are looking for a lightweight or heavier solution to help manage your bladder weakness, we have the products for you.

Feel confident and enjoy your life

Our incontinence pads and pull-ups are made from very soft and comfortable material, meaning you don’t run any risk of the tell-tale rustle found with some other brands.

What’s more, aside from a wide range of unisex incontinence products, we also offer a range of products that have been specifically designed for the male anatomy. As such, you’ll get the security and fit to allow you to carry on and enjoy life.

Understand your bladder weakness

If you are experiencing bladder weakness, you should always consult a doctor as soon as possible. That is because there are several kinds of bladder weakness and it is important to establish the underlying cause. For example, you could have functional incontinence, urge incontinence, stress incontinence or overflow incontinence.

You will also need to find out what is causing your bladder weakness. Common causes of incontinence in men can vary widely from blockage of the urethra to the medication you are taking and many more.

You can find more information on the types and causes of bladder weakness at our blog. It’s also a good place to find updates about new research and breakthroughs in incontinence products and bladder weakness treatments.

If you are into social media, you can also check out our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for the latest incontinence news and updates.

Start browsing our incontinence products

If you want to find out more about our male incontinence products before you buy them, just click on the relevant product title in the boxes below to be taken to more information.

We’ll give you a breakdown on all the relevant facts, including absorbency levels, size details, design features and eco-friendly credentials.

You’ll also find price and shipping information. And remember we offer free next day delivery on orders of over £50!

What’s more, you can be sure that your products will be shipped to you in discrete packaging. You can even let our delivery guys know where you want them to leave your order.

Happy shopping!

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