Men's boxer shorts and briefs

Incontinence boxer shorts and briefs

Looking for washable incontinence boxer shorts or Y-fronts that will give you that bit of extra protection against those unexpected leaks? Or maybe some continence support pants to use with your pad of choice?

If so, then you have come to the right place. That is because we offer a range of incontinence boxer shorts and incontinence briefs that offers total protection.

Leaving you feeling safe and secure, you can carry on your day as normal, without having to constantly worry about unwanted surprises.

In fact, our incontinence underwear for men is so discreet and comfortable that you might as well be wearing your standard, everyday underwear.

Choosing the right incontinence underwear

Our range of protection for men includes everything you’ll need for total peace of mind. Whether you prefer wearing boxers or briefs, we’ve got comfortable products to suit every need and every taste.

Our incontinence briefs for men are perfect for mild continence or bladder weakness problems. We also stock incontinence boxer shorts that feel so much like regular underwear, you’ll barely notice wearing them.

And the best thing about our range? Our incontinence boxer shorts and incontinence briefs are machine washable, so they’re more environmentally friendly, and there’s no need to worry about buying replacements.

Of course, if you feel you need extra protection by using our incontinence pads for men, we also offer the Abri-Fix support pants to use with our Abri-San pads.

Whether you choose our incontinence boxer shorts, briefs or support pants, the right protection will help you feel confident and completely in control, allowing you to get on and enjoy your life.

One thing more about bladder weakness

If you have started to experience urine leakage but haven’t yet spoken with a doctor, then it is important that you do this as soon as you can.

Whilst there might not be anything to worry about, there are several types of bladder weakness and it is important you find out what is causing your particular problem.

For example, there are different kinds of urinary incontinence, such as functional, urge, stress or overflow incontinence. What’s more, these can result from a range of common causes which can vary widely from person to person.

If you would like to find out more information right now on the types and causes of bladder weakness you can click here to read an article about this on our blog. Our blog is also a good place to find news about research and breakthroughs in incontinence products and bladder weakness treatments.

Also, if you like using social media, you can visit our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for the latest incontinence news and advice.

Start browsing our incontinence boxer shorts and briefs

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Once you’ve ordered the products you need, you can rest assured that they will be shipped out to you in discrete packaging. You can even let our delivery guys know where you want them to leave your package.

Happy shopping!

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