Men's Pull-Ups

Incontinence pants for men

Looking for incontinence pants for men that are discrete, secure and don't have that tell-tale rustle? Our textile-like pull-ups are soft and comfortable, with odour control and good leakage protection to ensure you can wear them in place of your normal underwear. Just scroll down to find the right product and we will ship it out to you in our discreet packaging.

What’s different about our pants?

Designed with wide elastic waistbands, our Abri-Flex incontinence pants for men contain more elastic than any other product on the market, meaning that the fit is the most comfortable and secure you will find.

Available in a range of waist sizes, our pull-ups cater for light to heavy incontinence, ensuring you can get on with your life without worry, whether you suffer from occasional urine leakage or need a product for heavy absorbency.

Which pull-up is right for you?

We realize that, at first, finding the right pull-ups for your needs can be tricky. So we’ve tried to make things simple by splitting our pants into different categories based initially on waist size.

Once you have found the right waist size for your needs, take a look at which product offers you the right level of absorbency.

Our incontinence pants for men cater for all levels of urine leakage, so you should find the right product for your needs, whether you are looking for light, medium or super absorbency.

Of course, at first it might be a case of trial and error to work out which level of absorbency you need, so it may be best to buy just one pack to start with.

But if you do know which incontinence pants are right for you then don’t forget about our offer of free next day delivery for any orders you place that are over £50.

Of course, you can also click here to visit our main page on men’s incontinence products if you want to look at our underwear, pads or shields.

Can you live life as normal with our pads?

Our incontinence pants for men have been specifically designed to help you carry on living an active lifestyle without the worry of embarrassing leaks or odours.

Just give them a try and you’ll find that they are both totally reliable and totally discreet, giving you complete protection from a product that feels just like your everyday underwear.

To achieve this, we’ve put a lot of thought into the design of our incontinence pants for men.

Not only do they come with efficient edge barriers to minimise the risk of leaks, they are also made from materials that make them more discreet than other bulkier brands.

We’ve also made sure that the pants quickly lock in leaks and odours, leaving you dry and worry free in social situations.

So whether you want to carry on with jogging and tennis or you prefer a less active approach to life, just use our incontinence pants for men for total confidence and control.

Start browsing our incontinence pants for men

If you want to learn more about our incontinence pants for men, just click on the products below to find more information. There you’ll find everything you need to know about the products, from waist size and absorbency to protection features and pricing. We’ll even tell you about our eco-friendly credentials!

What’s more, when you do order from us, we’ll make sure your pull-ups are shipped in discrete packaging. You can even let our delivery guys know where you want them to leave your package.

Happy shopping!