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Incontinence pads for men

Thanks for checking out our incontinence pads for men. Their absorbent design means you’ll stay dry, comfortable and odour-free. What’s more, they are so discrete, you can even slip them into your usual underwear. Just scroll down to find the right product and we will ship it out to you in our discreet packaging.

Which pad is right for you?

We realize that finding the right product can be a difficult task, so we’ve tried to make life easier by splitting our pads into different categories for light, medium and super absorbency.

Initially, it might be a case of trial and error to find which level of absorbency you need, so perhaps start by buying just one pack. But if you do know which pad is right for you then don’t miss out on our offer of free next day delivery for orders of over £50.

Whatever the case, you are bound to find the right product for your needs in the end as our range of incontinence pads for men caters for everything from occasional slips to ongoing bladder weakness and from light to heavy urine leakage.

That said, we do offer other incontinence products, which you can browse here, such as pull-ups, shields and underwear.

How to wear our incontinence pads for men

Our pads are so discreet and absorbent that you’ll be fine using them with your own underwear, although if you prefer we also offer our own support pants.

Available in a range of sizes, our Abri-Fix Washable Support Pants can be washed up to 80 times at up to 60 degrees and gently tumble dried. They are also designed with an extra wide crotch area to allow a snug fit for your pads.

Can you live life as normal with our pads?

Our incontinence pads for men are the perfect choice if you want to carry on living an active lifestyle without the hassle or bother of worrying about embarrassing situations.

As you’ll see from the products when you click on them, a lot of thought has gone into the design of our incontinence pads for men. They’re designed with efficient edge barriers to minimise the risk of leakage and have a soft, breathable backsheet to make the product more discreet. Systems are also in place to make sure any urine leakage is rapidly absorbed to leave you dry and comfortable, whilst blocking embarrassing odours.

So if you are used to an active lifestyle of hiking, dancing and cycling or you enjoy a steadier approach to life, you can indeed carry on your life as normal when using our pads.

Start browsing our incontinence pads for men

If you want to learn more about our incontinence pads for men before you buy them, just click on the relevant product below to find more information.

We’ll give you a breakdown on all the relevant facts, including absorbency levels, size, design features, eco-friendly credentials and pricing.

What’s more, we’ll make sure your order is shipped to you in discrete packaging. You can even let our delivery guys know where you want them to leave your package.

Happy shopping!



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