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These moist cleansing body wipes are not only soft and gentle on your skin, but suited to a number of multipurpose uses.

Body wipes are an ideal solution for many in a huge variety of situations. These moist body wipes are gentle and cleansing, making them ideal for frequent use. They are specially formulated to cleanse the body of any dirt or unpleasant odours while leaving your skin feeling soft and clean, without drying out or becoming uncomfortable.

Our body wipes are a favourite among our customers for a number of reasons, including:

• For use without water
• Cleansing and gentle
• Perfect for camping or travelling
• Ideal for those with mobility or incontinence issues
• Multi-purpose

If you find you are away from home, or away from a convenient place to wash when in need then these wipes will be perfect for you. Suited for those who may have trouble washing or showering either due to mobility issues or by spending a long time away from home, these body wipes can provide a gentle but cleansing solution to help you feel comfortable and clean when you need it most.

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