Molton Wash Glove


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Our wet or dry wash glove can be a great and useful tool for washing quickly and easily.

With a soft, textile surface our wash glove can be used both with or without water, ideal for washing yourself or for carers washing others. The wash glove is especially soft when used with water. Disposable and hygienic, is also a great option for carers.

A great way to increase hygiene by ensuring that dirt in removed quickly and easily while being through and attentive, this wash glove will leave your skin feeling smooth, cleansed and less irritated.

There are many features that make our wash glove a favourite among our customers, some of these include the following:

• Easy and fast cleaning
• Ideal for thorough cleaning, increasing hygiene
• Hygienic to remove
• Disposable
• Ideal for carers or for those with limited mobility
• Soft, especially when used with water
• Can be used wet or dry
• Minimises irritation

We have always aimed to provide useful and helpful products for all of our customers and this washing glove is no exceptions. Designed especially to make washing easier and more thorough, you will find your body feeling clean and fresh all over.

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