Nitrile Powder Free Gloves (Box of 150)


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Our nitrile, power free non latex gloves are medical examination gloves, making them very secure and high quality.

These are ideal for fast cleaning tasks but out non latex gloves are also designed especially to clean liquids and chemicals including blood and other bodily fluids that latex and vinyl gloves are not designed to be used for.

Available in difference colours and sizes our non latex gloves are powder free, making them the ideal solution for those with latex allergies or sensitive skin conditions. As well as this, our nitrile gloves hold some of the following features:

• Medical Grade with 1.5 AQL Nitrile gloves
• Ideal for cleaning blood and bodily fluid
• Perfect for those with latex allergies
• For quick cleaning
• Increased hygiene
• Perfect for carers or medical use

These non latex gloves are ideal for carers who want to ensure the highest levels of hygiene are kept while cleaning and washing patients and while cleaning bodily fluids and liquids. Especially good for those with vinyl and latex allergies, these power free nitrite gloves are designed especially for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema which can be aggravated by latex or vinyl gloves.

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