Skincare Hygiene

At Cairn Lifestyle we offer a range for hygiene products and skincare. Perfect for keeping clean and fresh on the move, these products will help make your life a little easier in those difficult to manage circumstances.

Whether you are looking for hygiene and skincare products to help clean conveniently as a result of bladder weakness, or whether you are trying to find the perfect product to keep you fresh on holiday, at festivals, out and about or without damaging or harming your skin Cairn Lifestyle can help you.

Our products are all designed specifically to be used in those difficult circumstances and so as not to damage your skin with harsh chemicals. Our easy to use waterless wipes, water-less foam soaps and dry shampoos are the perfect alternative to difficult and awkward washing while in unfamiliar territory.

Treat yourself with our soft, soothing moisturisers and lotions without exposing yourself to chemicals that can irritate and damage your skin. Our bathing oils with essential oils can be the perfect way to relax in the knowledge that your skin will be treated with the respect it deserves.

If bladder weakness is an issue for you, then these products can be a handy way to clean up while out or while to would be otherwise inconvenient. Feel free in the knowledge that you will always be one handy wipe away from feeling fresh and free of worry.

At Cairn Lifestyle we know how important it is to trust in our chosen products, which is why we take extra care to make sure we have reduced risk of skin irritation while keeping all of our hygiene products easy to use and convenient.

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