Abena make some of the most comfortable, reliable, and unobtrusive continence products money can buy. They're available in a wide variety of absorbencies to suit every need, and they're cleverly shaped to be suitable for both men and women.

The Best Products For Bladder Weakness by Abena

Abri-San pads feature a soft and breathable cotton-feel backsheet, specifically designed to create the most comfortable fit possible while greatly reducing irritation.

Yet the best thing about Abri-San is that they manage to be significantly more comfortable than other pads without compromising on absorbency and reliability. They include an advanced double-3 layer absorbent core to keep the skin dry, while leakage barriers lock any fluid inside the pad to give you total peace of mind.

On top of this, Abri-San incontinence pads have been accredited with the Nordic Swan Eco Label. This acts as confirmation that they've been tested for their human and environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle – from manufacture to ultimate disposal. So they're not only the best pads money can buy, they're also the most sustainable.

Abri-San pads can offer a discrete and reliable solution - liberating you to continue your life as normal, safe in the knowledge that you're protected where you need it most.

Abri-San pads are designed to be used with the Abri-Fix Pant Super support pants. Available in a range of sizes, these support pants are the perfect way to ensure the security of your preferred continence products and allows you to vary the products you choose to use. The flexibility and support of the Abri-Fix Pant Super allow you to correctly position the pad to keep you comfortable and protected all day long.

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