Abena Men's Washable Boxers Continence Support


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The Abena range of continence support boxers are popular among men looking for a comfortable and easy solution to stay in control of minor bladder weakness issues.

These comfortable men's washable Abena continence support boxers allow you to feel safe and comfortable without changing your usual underwear preferences. The discretion and convenience associated with continence support boxer shorts make them first choice for many men with bladder weakness.

Available in black and in a wide range of sizes, they are able to be washed at standard temperatures up to 50 degrees. Although they are able to be tumble dried it is not recommended that they be ironed, dry cleaned and washed with bleach or fabric treatments.

Key features that make these Abena boxers so popular are:

• 250ml absorbency
• Very discreet
• Comfortable like normal underwear
• Convenient
• Avoids waste
• Reusable

The built-in absorbent pad in these boxers is very discreet, allowing not only confidence but comfort too. In fact, you may even forget that you are even wearing a continence support product! We find the boxer-style is a more modern take on underwear than the Y-Front-style pant, appealing to those who prefer a more contemporary style of underwear.

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