Washing Foam Scented 400ml


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This scented foam wash is a great, easy to use body wash perfect for convenient washing while out or at home.
This foam wash creates a light and fresh feeling while leaving your skin smelling clean and fresh, a quick and convenient way to cleanse your skin of unwanted smells and dirt.
There are many features that make this foam wash the perfect body wash solution, these include:
• Also available in a smaller, handbag size.
• Gentle on your skin
• Pleasant smell
• Long lasting
• Fast and effective
Foam wash is the first choice for many as it is not only fast and easy but is long lasting. Only needing to use a small amount of the foam wash to leave you feeling clean and fresh makes these a great choice.
We have found our scented foam wash popular among those who are looking for an easy and fast body washing product designed especially to cleanse your skin of even the toughest dirt and smells. This scented foam wash will leave you feeling fresh and clean in every situation.
This is the ideal solution for washing intimate areas as well as whole body after incontinence issues or to freshen up while out or camping.

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