Women’s Pads

At Cairn Lifestyle, we stock a range of women’s pads that are designed to help you manage your bladder weakness without getting in the way of your life. They’re flexible enough to be worn with almost any existing underwear, and they’re so discrete that you’ll barely notice they’re there.

The women’s continence pads in our range offer 200ml-800ml absorbency, and they feature a reliable barrier system to keep you secure, dry, and comfortable. And with their discreet design and odour control system, you’ll be free to get on with your life with total peace of mind. There’s no need to quit the gym, no need to stop wearing your favourite jeans or dress, and no need to stay at home while your friends head out.

On top of that, our women’s pads feature Nordic Swan Certification, meaning that they’ve been tested for their environmental impact throughout their entire lifespan. So not only do they provide the comfort and support you need, they can also help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

We stock two varieties of pads – the Abri-San Premium Light, and the Abri-San Premium Moderate. Both varieties are popular among women who are experiencing minor bladder weakness for the first time – such as during pregnancy and after childbirth.